We are living longer and as a result Australia has an aging population. Chronic degenerative diseases are becoming a problem for many of us, inhibiting our quality of life . Many of these diseases start slowly, building up over time until the symptoms or effects become more seemingly obvious and serious to our long term health. A number of chronic degenerative diseases can be attributed to chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is long term internal swelling, pain, tenderness and/or heat, which is typically a reaction to injurious agents or something causing injury.

Natural therapies and natural medicines are a safe and effective way of managing some of the long term symptoms with little to no side effects. An example of this is Fish oil, culinary herbs such as ginger, celery and turmeric all commonly available and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the joints and muscles. Arnica montana is a plant that has been known to inhibit bruising from traumatic impact injuries, both from external application and from oral ingestion in its homeopathic form. Acupunture and Chinese herbs is also an effective method of reducing chronic inflammation and improving quality of life. Quite often inflammation in joints is due to long term bad posture causing repetitive strain on the muscles and joints leading to injury and resulting in inflammation. Modalities such as osteopathy and remedial massage can assist in the healing process and restoring homeostasis to the body. Chronic disease and the illnesses of ageing is an area that natural therapies are well equipped to effectively manage and improve quality of life.