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Carmela King



Ayurvedic Health Counsellor (Specialising in Women’s Health)

Ayurvedic Massage Therapist (Abhyanga)

Womb Hara Massage Practitioner

Pregnancy Massage Therapist

Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher Specialist 




Ayurveda is an ancient, time tested and profound set of tools that can support people in all stages of life to cultivate health, vitality and wellbeing. I am passionate about sharing these tools in a way that is easy to digest and simple to integrate into our everyday, modern world so that we can become empowered in our own health and healing. 


As an Ayurvedic Health Counsellor, I will offer guidance on diet, food choice and food habits for optimal digestion, lifestyle recommendations, herbal support, daily, seasonal & nightly routines, recommended therapeutic yoga & meditation as well as home care advice and other natural therapeutics.

I also aim to support clients in bringing awareness to both the physical and our mental thought process and emotional body as a key aspect of Ayurvedic health, understanding that these are connected and greatly affect each other.


Carmela's training specialises in Women's Health, and she is passionate about women connecting to their womb and menstrual cycle as a foundation of not only their overall health but also their creative force, intuition, space of deep healing, connection to self and their cyclical nature. 

She is particularly passionate about Ayurvedic planning for pregnancy (preconception) and supports couples with a time tested Ayurvedic protocol in the months leading up to planned conception.
As a qualified Womb Hara Massage Practitioner, she aims to support women in all stages of life for an array of women’s health issues as well as with pre-conception and fertility support.


Carmela has had 7 years of experience as an Ayurvedic massage Therapist. This ancient healing modality focuses on lymphatic health and provides restoration and revitalisation to the physical, mental and emotional body while bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit. It uses a deep yet relaxing, flowing method of oil massage.


Carmela enjoys creating a peaceful, nurturing and nourishing space for clients to feel centered and supported within. 

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