Let your imagination transform your health through Transpersonal Art Therapy

Once upon a time, in a faraway land of magic, there roamed many fantastical creatures and amazing characters. Endless adventures, quests and stories were lived there, battles were fought, won and lost, terrors faced, loves discovered and demons conquered, and that is only the merest glimpse into the world of dreams and the human psyche.

The world of dreams and fantasies is frequently visited by us through stories, books, and with technology in the form of computer games, playstation games, and even games on mobiles providing us with many mystical fantasies of a different time. This realm of infinite richness plays out powerful effects in our everyday, mundane reality. Without bridges and insights into the depths of our consciousness, we are often oblivious to the forces at play in our own lives.

When deeper knowledge is sought we are enabled to better achieve our goals or to learn to find our own unique types of happiness. One of the most wonderful bridges to the psyche is making art with a truly supportive and aware guide.

Art for this purpose can be explored in a playful way with any materials even sound and movement. Pastels, collage and paints are commonly used to express feelings and stories, as are sand and clay. Writing journals or dialogues are also very effective.

The point is to get involved in a process of making art that draws out experiences from the inner world. Great value can be achieved from this alone as art can safely support the psyche to naturally unravel knots and flow past obstacles. With good guidance however, even more can be achieved both to locate relevant content and to properly support and bring it into clarity in healing ways.

Art is the language of the soul and the insights that occur in this process are far more than thoughts. The shifts that happen are embodied, holistic, because the process engages the whole self, not just the cognitive faculties.

After undertaking Art Therapy you come away thinking, ‘Oh, I ‘should’ do such-or-other to be happier’. You find yourself more integrated, knowing more of who you are, and aware of the positive impulses that are now flowing more strongly from your core.

Megan Bliss guides people on their own creative journeys to meet their challenges and to find their personal treasures (No art experience necessary).