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Monika Dyba

Available: Monika is away until March 2024

I’ve recently moved back to my home area of the Coffs Coast after living in Hobart for 5 years. I was born in Bellingen and am so joyful to be providing the work that I love to this community back in my homelands.


I’ve had a lifelong passion for health, the body and movement. In my 30 years I’ve been a competitive athlete, a dancer, yogi, rock climber, mountain hiker, hospitality aficionado, artist and designer to name just a few. 


Through these experiences I have developed a history of injury and chronic pain, and learned how to heal myself through the power of bodywork, movement and mindfulness. I love to educate my clients on how they can empower themselves and their healing through body-mind-awareness; being open to receiving regular quality massage and intentional touch is one of the best ways to facilitate this.


I have personal experience and sound knowledge in treating chronic pain, fatigue, complex cases, psycho-somatic presentations, how trauma manifests in the body, the roles of fascia and lymph, neck & TMJ dysfunctions, headache and migraine symptoms, athletic performance and recovery.


I also have a deep reverence for devotional Ka Huna massage, which I trained in Tasmania in 2022 with Ebony Prins of Embodied Living. This practice to me is so sacred. It is a dance, an energy exchange, a holding of space for your song to be heard and sung, calling together all the instruments of your body to play the symphony of your soul. In the Ka Huna space, all of you is welcome to be nurtured as you are, in the essence of yourself. 


I trained in Remedial Massage in 2020 and had been servicing the community of Hobart and Tasmania for the past 3 years at The Fourth Floor Movement and Massage. Here I was mentored by experienced Remedial Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, acupuncturists, breathwork facilitators and yoga teachers in MET, positional release, myofascial release, deep tissue, cupping, relaxation massage, pregnancy massage, remedial and sports techniques. I also am currently studying to become an accredited Nutritional Advisor.


I look forward to meeting and working with you!

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