With the exception of beautiful Bellingen, and a scattering of other towns, there has been a distinct decline in the proliferation of crystal shops, esoteric bookshops and meditation CDs. Whereas they were once on every block, last year we even saw the closing of Adyar Bookshop, Sydney’s longest running esoteric bookshop and refuge for all things esoteric. Could it be that there was so much ‘stuff’ out there that we finally had everything we needed?

We are now at the stage where we are becoming increasingly tuned in to all things spiritual. Our capacity to find our own individual path seems at an all time high, and the younger generation certainly seem to arrive in our world with a natural affinity for reconnecting with their higher selves. We can find every ‘thing’ we want on the internet, shopping for tarot cards, crystals, runes and even all things wiccan, but the trick is in knowing how to use these things – and that’s where your higher self comes in!

Interacting with a group of spiritually like-minded souls can help accelerate your self-directed learning, and provide a source of energetic healing as you subconsciously let down the barriers you have firmly put in place to survive every day life and empower yourself to become exactly who you want to. Connecting with those who see and feel life the way your higher self does will open doors for you and allow you to intuitively direct every aspect of your life, including your health and your future success.