Tricia Abell

Available: Wednesday & Every 3rd Saturday.

Kinesiologist: Neural Organization Technique (NOT), Touch for Health, Emotional Balancing, Works with Learning and Behavioral Difficulties.

Tricia is a Level 5 member of the Australian Kinesiology Association and is currently covered by 9 private health funds.

Tricia studied Pharmacy in Melbourne before travelling around the world. From her background in pharmacy, Tricia has an understanding of any medicine you may currently be taking.

In the mid-eighties, Tricia encountered Kinesiology, and was immediately impressed that the emotion behind the issue was able to be resolved alongside correcting the physical symptoms. She started studying and practicing different modalities of Kinesiology. In the 1990’s Tricia had a Kinesiology practice in Bellingen, while continuing to work in pharmacy, from which she has now retired.

Recently Tricia has joined Alchemy, and is enjoying being part of such an enthusiastic and well qualified group of health practitioners.

Your body doesn’t lie. The cells of the body remember all aspects of its history, and the origins of current disease states: cellular memory. By applying muscle testing, the crucial skill of Kinesiology, the practitioner can access this information, use appropriate corrective techniques, and restore balance on all levels. It can put the spring back into your step!

Using Neural Organization Technique (NOT), neurological confusion, such as learning and behavioral difficulties, can be simply and quite rapidly resolved. Also, every muscle and organ is regulated through the neurological system, so bringing balance here is crucial to a healthy, well functioning body.

Tricia has had really good results working with:

  • Headache, pain and restricted movement,

  • learning and behavioral difficulties,

  • incontinence,

  • whiplash and other results of injury,

  • period pain and hormonal imbalances,

  • fears and phobias, 

  • candida, forgetfulness and lack of concentration,

  • high blood pressure and organs out of balance.