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Art Therapy

Art Therapy



Art therapy is a nurturing, organic and free flowing form of self-expression. When words are hard to find, creative expression allows you to communicate your inner most thoughts and feelings in a joyful and gentle way so that you can be seen and heard. This is so important during times of stress and difficult situations. We need to find meaning in what we experience in life and how these experiences make us feel. Art therapist helps you gain insight and self-awareness of who you are and what you need to heal. Our goal is to guide you by finding meaning in your creative expression and ultimately healing, so that you can move forward in life from anything that has been holding you back from your full potential.

Art therapy at Alchemy in Bellingen provides you with a beautiful, nurturing and safe environment where you can confidently express yourself at your own pace and allow for the healing to begin.

You do not need artistic skill or experience to benefit from art therapy. You are not expected to create anything more than what you need to. Creative expression is all about self-expression, release and healing.

Art therapy can assist:

Trauma- past and present





Emotional/ Social Isolation


Low Self Esteem

PTSD/ Complex PTSD

ASD Children

ADHD/ ADD Children

Family & Relationship issues

Children of Divorce & Separation

Adults of Divorce & Separation

Challenging Life Changes

Substance Abuse

If you find you are struggling with any of the listed above symptoms or situations, art therapy can help you through whatever it is that you need to be seen, heard, release and resolve it all. There is only one you and you deserve the freedom to be who you truly are and live the life that you truly want to live.

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