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Dr.Hauschka facials

Dr Hauschka Organic Facials



"Dr Hauschka skincare was developed over 50 years ago by Rudolph Hauschka and Elisabeth Sigmund. The composition and concept of the products has not changed since this time, following guidelines of rhythm and using certified organic products.

Dr Hauschka met Rudolph Steiner in 1924 (the founder of anthroposophy), Dr Steiner introduced Hauschka to the theory “You need to study the rhythms, rhythms are the basis of life”. Hauschka liked to do things differently and adopted this idea and used it to develop manufacturing processes based on the rhythm of nature without the need for alcohol as a preservative. Even today, this rhythmic extract procedure remains part of our complex manufacturing process. During this, we subject natural substances to the alternating influence of heat and cold, darkness and light and rest and movement. As a result, our products remain stable and have a good shelf life even without synthetic preservatives.

Dr Hauschka joined forces with cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund in the mid 60s and the Dr Hauschka skin care range was born. The core idea was and still is to guide skin that has lost balance ie: skin that is dry and lacking in moisture, blemished and oily, sensitive or displaying premature signs of ageing -  back to a healthy, harmonious condition and help it maintain that condition.

The skin reflects our inner being while also reacting to the environment around us. Our inner and outer worlds meet at the skin – the ‘border organ’. Dr Hauschka products address the skin holistically as a living organism and provide it with regulating impulses. They mediate healthy skin functions, stimulate its own innate activity and help it to regenerate.

Lymphatic stimulation is at the core of a Dr Hauschka facial and body treatment. Despite being a cosmetic rather than medical treatment, it still serves to promote personal well being and health. We also address the body holistically and rhythmically. Providing stimuli that promote regeneration and well being. 

The Dr Hauschka therapist begins a classic treatment at the feet and stops only when the  client feels relaxation and balance flowing through their entire body. The effects can last for day and are created by:

*Attentive touch and caring vigilant hands

*Rhythmic breathing quality of touch

*Empathetic engagement with the tissues without manipulative pressure

*Awareness of the customer through all the senses

Touch with Lasting effect

*Dr Hauschka treatments provide deep relaxation and a general sense of well being

*The clients restorative life forces and thus health and regeneratlive abilities are strengthened

*The treatment addresses the forces of self regulation in a harmonizing manner, strengthening the rhythmic body and organ functions

*Rhythm of light/dark, heat/cold, movement/stillness


All Dr Hauschka facials begin with a foot bath, this is grounding and  brings us back into our bodies , ready to bond with the therapist as they assess your needs.

Organic cotton wraps are used numerous times throughout a treatment, most of them are warm and infused with rose, lavender or sage essential oils.

A half hour foot treatment  or 15 minute back massage can be added to the facial.

To find out more about the benefits and the step by step process please follow the link."

Facial Treatments



A customised botanical facial to balance and nourish all skin types. Includes a double facial cleanse and tone, an exfoliation treatment masque as well as a massage to the scalp, face, and décolletage. All ingredients are 100% naturally derived. All products are certified organic, Australian, sustainable, vegan, and ethical.

Energy Healing Crystal Facial



The Rose Quartz Facial treatment is a luxurious facial and whole body experience ! An exquisite blend of melting massage techniques , divine certified organic Creams , serums , lotions and potions , Young Living aromatherapy oils , Rose Quartz crystal therapy all crafted together to create the ultimate treatment for your whole being. This facial is suitable for Men & Women, all ages!

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