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Phillip Thornton

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Phillip has been a Remedial Massage Therapist since 1997, a Naturopath, Herbalist and Nutritionist since 1999, a Yoga Instructor since 2004 and a Posture and Alignment Consultant since 2009.

Originally from Sydney, Phillip and his family moved into the area in the second half of 2010. Phillip has been a practitioner at Alchemy since 2011. Previously Phillip had a Yoga school and Natural therapy practice with his partner, while being a Naturopath for Macro Wholefoods before its sale to Woolworths since 2001. The dispensary at Macro was a very busy place for most of its existence, this combined with his clinical perspicacity has given him a lot of experience.

Phillip has been described as a problem solver, and it is this approach that he brings to treating his clients whatever their issue. He has a pragmatic approach to healing that is patient focused and individualized. Phillip is experienced in treating Respiratory and Immune Problems, Male and Female health Issues, Skin problems, Mental and Emotional issues such Anxiety and Depression, Arthritis and Body Pain, Migraine Headaches and many other health related problems.

Phillip is registered as a practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and rebates are available from most private health funds.

Phillip Thornton

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