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Bu Hunnisett

Bu Hunnisett

Available: Saturday mornings or by appointment.

Art therapy is a creative therapeutic technique combining psychotherapy and creative expression to facilitate healing, self awareness, and encourage personal growth. It can be employed in a variety of settings with children, adults, families and groups. Art therapy can help individuals of all ages create meaning and achieve insight, find relief from overwhelming emotions or trauma, resolve conflicts and problems, enrich your daily life and promote a sense of well being. Art therapy supports the idea that all individuals have the ability to express themselves creatively and that even the simplest of art task offers unique possibilities for expression and personal transformation.

Bu Hunnisett is a qualified clinical art therapist, artist and intuitive healer. Bu uses a combination of psychotherapy, creative expression and intuitive insight to facilitate healing by working with your unconscious mind through the creative process of art to find the answers you need to heal, reach your full potential and manifest your life goals.

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