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Matt Sincock

Available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Matt Sincock is a Chinese Medicine practitioner. 


Matt fell in love with Chinese Medicine at the age of 20, when it helped him to overcome digestive health issues that medical doctors were unable to solve for years. 


Seeing how much knowledge, wisdom and thousands of years of health records it contained, Matt began to study Chinese Medicine in 1991. 


His teacher, Michael Wynne, taught via immersive experiences in a Zen kind of way: workshops involved hiking deep into remote wilderness for 7-10 days at a time, practicing Shiatsu massage, Japanese Yoga, and Qigong - whilst carrying only a yoga mat and a backpack full of macrobiotic food! It was a profound way to learn Chinese Medicine.  


In the 1990’s he worked as a remedial massage therapist in Sydney.


The narratives people revealed when discussing their health fascinated Matt, so he went to university to study story and myth within a Bachelor of Arts degree. He bought and ran Bellingen’s video shop, trying to match people’s personality type with their taste in movies.


Matt began formal studies in Acupuncture, with an emphasis between story and the body’s somatic process, exploring the connection between mind and body, emotions and pain. He graduated and began practicing acupuncture in 2011. 


He began to study the Balance Method of Acupuncture in 2013, studying directly with the famous Dr Tan and his teachers. 


In 2022, he graduated with a Masters of Applied Science (Chinese Herbal Medicine) at RMIT, to help facilitate internal changes which address the root causes of diseases, including pain.


Matt has worked as a therapist in Bellingen since 2009 and performed over 10,000 treatments. 


Every Wednesday he runs a community clinic in Bellingen (since 2010). 


The community clinic offers affordable, professional health care for a reduced price every Wednesday.






When you come to see Matt, he will deeply listen to you and adapt your treatment according to your story and your health needs.


Matt loves to work with people suffering from pain and injuries, such as frozen shoulders, tight necks, bad lower backs, sciatica, knee injuries, neuropathy, digestive problems, gynaecological issues, mental health… and more.


Matt happily works in collaboration with doctors and other therapists to support your health journey.


Together, you can choose the best way for Matt to help you from a combination of therapies.


In the generous spirit of his teachers, Matt also loves to share what he learned studying Chinese Medicine for over thirty years. 


You can join his:

  1. Japanese Yoga class every Wednesday, 8am (since 2011), which includes gentle correctives.

  2. Qigong Classes (Matt has taught Qigong workshops at Camp Creative since 2019).


Find out more about Matt by visiting his website:

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