About: Bowen Therapy

This remarkable technique, developed by the late Tom Bowen of Geelong, Victoria, is a gentle and effective, non-invasive hands-on healing modality suitable for all ages and almost all chronic and acute conditions. As well as being a very effective therapy for pain anywhere in the body, it is also an incredible tool for stress, anxiety, grief and loss. In today’s world, where stress is everywhere, and people are running on empty, Bowen helps the body move out of overwhelm and into a place of greater calm and well-being. This facilitates the client to function from a place of grounded responsiveness, as opposed to a place of constant reaction.

This wholistic treatment helps the body to realign and heal itself. It can be used on most everyone (babies, children, adults, pregnant women, the elderly) to treat conditions such as: back pain & sciatica; hip, knee, ankle & foot problems; neck & shoulder problems; hay fever, asthma & respiratory problems; digestive issues; headaches, migraines & TMJ issues; stress, anxiety, grief & loss; infertility; behavioural & hormonal issues; unsettled babies; chronic and acute conditions & traumas; and more, as well as providing an overall level of relaxation and stress reduction.

What to expect at a session – first sessions tend to be longer (up to 90 minutes) to allow for talking and gathering information to help inform the session. Sessions are quiet, with minimal outside distractions, to allow for the client to be fully present in their body. In this way, sensations and responses to moves are more easily noticed. A session is developed based on what information the client offers at the beginning of the session, as well as how the body is responding to moves. In this way, each session is unique and individual. Further sessions, if needed, tend to run about 60 minutes. While the moves are best done with direct contact on the skin, working through loose and light weight fabric is also possible. The client’s comfort is of upmost importance.

Why bowen is AWESOME!

Bowen is awesome because it helps the body to heal itself, only ever at the body’s own pace – it gets the body into a state where deep healing can occur. It seems to almost ‘force’ the body to shift from ‘fight and flight’ to ‘rest and digest’. And it’s in this ‘rest and digest’ state where healing takes place.

We get sick because our body is out of balance. Bowen wholistically helps the body to move back into its natural balance. Each move treats the whole body. That’s why Bowen has the potential to help any condition – it helps the body remember its innate blueprint of perfect health and well-being. And in that state, we are well. Our body is in flow. There is much in our lives which can shift us out of flow, into un-wellness. Bowen gives the body a chance to heal itself and to remember perfect health and unity.

It’s gentle. It’s effective. It’s wholistic. It’s awesome.