Julian Greenacre grew up in Bellingen and has returned after many years of training to bring her passion for health back into the community. Julian has completed a Masters in Osteopathy, as well as extra courses in cranio-sacral osteopathy, paediatrics, gynaecology and women’s health. She has also held teaching positions at Southern Cross University in Human Physiology and Human Anatomy, Gold Coast.

Julian has a gentle, thorough approach, taking care in hearing the whole story of the patient, she uses all the techniques available to an osteopath, including muscle energy techniques, joint mobilisation, dry needling, cranio-sacral therapy, and balanced ligamentous tension -where a dysfunctional joint is taken to ease to allow the connective tissues of the body to soften, the choice for technique lies in the history, presenting complaint, and on the needs of that individual, so no two treatments are alike.

An Osteopath is a primary health care provider, trained to make sure you are in the right place and that treatment is indicated. The osteopath draws on the vitality of the patient and believes that we are all homeostatically driven and have self-healing mechanisms which can be encouraged by a healer of any form, the osteopath also knows that health is not merely the absence of disease and good health means goodness of mind, body and spirit.

Using these basic fundamental principles osteopathy aims to facilitate healing in a holistic way with attention to all aspects of the individuals’ life.

Rebates are available through all private health funds and HICAPS is available. This therapy also is supported by Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care program.

Privacy and confidentiality are assured for every patient.